Django on Hostgator (How to Install)

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Here are the instructions for installing Django on Hostgator shared hosting.

django on hostgator

I've successfully installed Django on my Hostgator account ('Baby Croc' plan) using these steps. Hostgator has been really great for me, but they don't support fastCGI. Using vanilla CGI with Django is not generally recommended and results in crappy performance, but for a low traffic site it's bearable (barely).

I have to say that the instructions make it look pretty hard to deploy Django, but I think this may come in useful someday! Thanks to whoever wrote this. Apparently that was written in August, 2007. So no new updates since then. The thread on Hostgator forums seems pretty much dead, which is disappointing. I'm sure a lot of people are interested in hosting Django sites on Hostgator. Hopefully the Hostgator people will respond and support FastCGI.

If you have experience hosting Django on Hostgator please leave a comment. Thanks.

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