Who is Ed Schlossberg

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Edwin Schlossberg is Caroline Kennedy's husband. Now that she's trying to take Hillary Clinton's Senate seat and blind New York Governor David Patterson may appoint her, everyone is sort of interested in who her husband is. Sometimes they call her Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg after all. In reality, she never changed her legal name. I found this interesting excerpt from the article about him by New York Magazine:

While at Columbia, Schlossberg had published a magazine called Good News that contained only inspirational essays written by Fuller and others. The magazine led to other design jobs. "I never set out to be a designer," Schlossberg explains, "Like Bucky, what I really was doing was thinking. Suddenly people began to pay me for my thoughts."

Sort of like what blogging does for you. Certainly on account of this Chicago Web Design blog, a million people have been harassing me to design websites for them.

And he's doing well too:

With his career gaining momentum, Schlossberg used money he had made writing books on computer games to finance a design company. "My father worried that I would starve pursuing the poet's life," Schlossberg recalls. In 1977, ESI started with a staff of 2; today it employs 50.

I'm almost at 50....yah :)

But no doubt Schlossberg's Kennedy connections helped him land a lot of business (and finance his business?). The guy's smart, but let's be honest here!

More about ESI:

ESI Design is one of the world’s foremost experiential design firms — we create physical and virtual spaces for people to interact, exchange ideas and learn from each other.

We design for a wide variety of environments. Our client list includes museums, retailers, corporations, real estate developers, parks, hospitals, foundations and so on. We work with clients whose business and strategic challenges will benefit from an innovative ESI design solution. For example, we invented an experiential retail environment for Sony and designed a museum wide multi-player exhibit for the Children's Museum of Los Angeles.

Our team of 50 professionals includes physical, graphic and interactive designers, systems specialists, marketers, writers and educators. Diversity is the key to our creativity. We believe it is the reason ESI’s designs are applauded, analyzed, published and enjoyed by millions of individuals every day.

Sweet Caroline is named afer Caroline Kennedy. Did you know?

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