Yahoo Publisher Network Content Guidelines

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Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN), the alternative to AdSense is similar in the way it works, but it has interesting content policy (from their FAQ):

We will not show results on pages that contain problematic content, including but not limited to:
Adult-oriented content
Violence, excessive use of vulgar or obscene language
Excessive, duplicate or competing advertisements
Content related to human suffering or death
Copyright or trademark-sensitive products such as MP3 downloads, DVD backups or bootleg items
Weaponry, ammunition, fireworks or explosives
Illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia
Propaganda, potentially offensive or controversial content
Defamatory, libelous, threatening or other material that advocates against any individual or group
The sale of body parts or bodily fluids
The sale of hazardous substances
Political, religious or charitable organizations, issues or causes
The sale of tobacco and tobacco-related products
Hacking, surveillance, interception or de-scrambling equipment
The sale (or facilitated sale) of prescription drugs
The sale of counterfeit or stolen items
The sale of government IDs or police items
The sale of alcoholic beverages
The sale of products from any of the following countries: The Balkans, Burma (Myanmar), Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, Libya, North Korea, The Sudan, Syria or Zimbabwe

That's right no propaganda and no politics! And they are even enforcing their own sanctions on certain countries.

It's bizarre.

Here's their other policy, which is pretty standard:

The Ad Unit must be clearly marked as "Ads by Yahoo!" and cannot be obscured in any way
The Ad Unit must be shown in the requested page, not as a pop-up or pop-under window or in an e-mail
The Ad Page must be content-based, fully functional and not contain any broken links. Non-content pages include domain registration pages, welcome pages, error pages, and Web content generated in or through software applications
The Ad Page must be in English or Spanish and be consistent with the language of the Listings
The Ad Page must respond adequately to user requests
The Ad Page must not actively encourage users to click on Ad Units
The Ad Page must not disable the browser's back button
The Ad Page must not spawn more than one partial pop-up/pop-under window and this window must not interfere with user navigation
The Ad Page must not automatically replace the browser homepage
The Ad Page must not prompt a user to download files or programs to access your site
The Ad Page must not automatically install files or programs on the user's machine


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