Linode vs. Slicehost

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MediaTemple had a huge outage that took my sites down for more than two hours. They said 3,000 accounts were affected. That's 2% of their customer base of 150,000. They said they would issue service credits worth $100,000, which means each customer might get a month or two of hosting.

I guess stuff happens, and that's the least they can do, but I decided I've had enough of MediaTemple(gs) anyway. It's just slow. It sucks even during the times when there's no problem. I can't say Dreamhost doesn't have similar problems, but I did a year of Dreamhost and I found no difference in quality between Dreamhost and MediaTemple grid service. The only difference is that MediaTemple gs costs twice as much.

Well if you're going to shell out $20 a month, you might as well get a VPS of some sort. So I've been thinking about Slicehost for a long time, but then I remembered hearing some good things about Linode.

The first time I looked it up, I thought what they offered was similar but this time, I'm looking at it and it looks like Linode offers more at the same price, well five cents cheaper, actually :)

Here's the comparison of Linode vs. Slicehost for the $20 package:

- 360 MB RAM (Slicehost is only 256)
- 12 GB storage (Slicehost offers only 10)
- 200 GB bandwidth (Slicehost offers only 100)

So it looks like Linode wins on all counts. So I'm going to be trying out Linode. I only wish there were some Linode coupons. I searched for some but no luck. I don't think Slicehost offers coupons either though.


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