How to Transfer a Domain Name to Somebody Else

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If you sell your domain name or buy it from someone else you will need to go through this process for transferring the domain name.

1. update the registrant and contact e-mail address associated with the domain name to read the email address of the person you're transferring it to.

2. unlock the domain name in question.

3. ask GODADDY or whoever your registrar is to send the Authorisation Code (auth-code) by e-mail by clicking on the hyperlink: Authorization Code: “Send by E-mail” That will send it to the new email address you entered.

Once the buyer (or transferee) gets the Authorisation code by email they will be able to initiate and manage the transfer.

This process is slightly different than the process described on ehow, which doens't mention auth code at all.

I think different domain registrars may handle the domain transfer process differently. eHow describes Network Solutions procedure.


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