eBay RSS API Documentation

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eBay does not publish documentation on the eBay RSS API so you sort of have to figure it out for yourself. I've put below what I've got on it, and if you know what the other stuff is please leave a comment, so we can figure it all out.

&fpos= // city - zip code
&sadis= // radius from city
&satitle= // query
&sacur=1 // apparently currency; 1 for US, 0 for any
&frpp=50 // number of results
&afepn= // affiliate id
&saprclo= // minimum price
&saprchi= // maximum price
&saaff= // affiliate network (example: EPN)


&fsct= // city code - proprietary
&sabdlo= // number or bids (low)
&sabdhi= // number of bids (high)


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