Is Myriad Pro a "web-safe" font?

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Is Myriad Pro a "web-safe" font? That is, do both Windows and Mac users have it installed?

Myriad (typeface) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Since the launch of the eMac in 2002, Myriad replaced Apple Garamond as Apple Inc.'s corporate font. It is now used in all of its marketing and on its products (See Apple typography). More recent iterations of the iPod (from the iPod photo onward) have used Podium Sans, which has similarities with Myriad (as opposed to Chicago), for its user interface. A different humanist sans-serif typeface, Lucida Grande, is used as the system font for Apple's Mac OS X operating system. Myriad was included with third generation of iPod.[3]
Myriad is also used in the corporate identities of Wells Fargo, bragster, and Modern Telegraph, as the primary headline typefaces of those companies."

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