Dell XPS 13 - a worthy successor to the XPS M1330?

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I currently have a Dell XPS M1330, which I like, and would like to replace at some point with a newer version with better specs. Unfortunately, Dell hasn't released a new version of the XPS M1330, but they did come out with the Dell Studio XPS 13.

Here is a review of the Dell XPS 13 (official specs).

- by hothardware

At 4.85 pounds (with the 6-cell battery installed), Dell's Studo XPS 13 isn't the lightest 13" notebook on the block. To be fair, it's not the heaviest, either. But frankly, we never expected a machine with an "XPS" label to be the lightest and slimmest in its class; what we did expect is for it to be amongst the most potent in its size class. If we're being candid (and of course we always are), we didn't grimace a single time when picking up the machine and lugging it about. Then again, you might consider us the sporting type. 4.85 pounds just didn't feel too heavy here, and the weight is delicately spread over the 12.56" x 9.3" x 0.88" - 1.35" body. Indeed, this ultrathin machine fits quite well in the ultraportable category, and it's tailor-made for churning out video clips and handling light duty gaming on airplane tray tables.

The heat issue is a big deal. I don't want to deal with that, so I'm going to hold off until they release something better. But it looks promising.

But really what I want now is just the M1330 with better specs.


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