Don't upgrade to WordPress 2.7-beta2!!

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At first, I was super excited about the new version of WordPress (2.7), because the interface is now MUCH MUCH better than the last one, except for one or two things. Yeah to make posts you no longer have to scroll up and down all over the place. On the negative side, in terms of the interface, WordPress has apparently done away with the distinction between "Save and Continue Editing" and "Publish." Now even though it says "Publish," it means "Save and Continue Editing," which is really annoying.

But anyway, the reason NOT to upgrade, is that it's much slower than the previous version! If you do any significant amount of blogging, it will get very annoying.

What options does this leave? Blogger (as in blogspot-hosted), doesn't work. The comment management functions are completely retarded. Yes, I'm using Blogger for this blog, that's how I know! I've tried Chyrp but theming it is difficult. Well probably not really, but switching themes is not the simple one-click process that WordPress affords.

Actually, I might take another look at Chyrp or roll my own blog...

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