Selecting a domain name: .NET vs. ORG

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Oftentimes when you come around to registering domain name, you'll find that the .COM is already taken. Most of the time it will be parked, rather than actually being in use. If you have the money, you can make an offer to the owner, and buy the .com. Otherwise you have the choice of a .NET or a .ORG extension.

What's better? .net or .org?

From an SEO perspective, I don't think it matters, but think about it in terms of marketing, and you'll find that a .org is just more memorable than a .net, as long as you use it in the name of your site.

Remember, and Now those sites also own the .com extensions, but in the beginning they were memorably .org sites. How many .net sites can you remember?

Personally I find it inexplicable that sites like Media Temple, would use .net as their primary domain extension, but at least they also own the .com so a simple redirect gets the user where he wants to go. If you don't have the .com you don't have a redirect to fall back on.

It's best to use the .org and use it in the name of your site.

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