Keep getting logged out of BANS or PHP applications?

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Do you keep getting logged out of your BANS (Build a Niche Store) website, your Frog CMS web site, Joomla or other PHP programs? Maybe it logs you out every few minutes or so or just randomly. Or it's not saving your session when you switch from HTTP to HTTPS. Or your sessions are just behaving inconsistently. In any case, you have a problem with your PHP sessions.

Chances are that your web site needs to write data to the /tmp directory and something is interfering with it. You'll need to edit your php.ini file and set session.save_path

In Media Temple (is it MediaTemple?), that crappy web host, the solution is to go to your php.ini file and uncomment the line in there that starts with session.save_path

It'll look something like this

session.save_path = /home/19810/data/tmp

The numbers will be different though.

That should take care of your problem and allow you to use your BANS, Frog, Joomla and other PHP web applications with no session problems.

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