Google Chrome Privacy - Iron vs. Chromium

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So Google as always is being very creepy with Google Chrome, which they use to collect a ton of information about you, like every site you visit and so on. So some people are like, well we like the browser but we don't like the company behind it or how they're collecting and using personal information. Google Chrome does assign a unique ID apparently to each browser, which makes everything you do trackable.

Enter the Germans. SRWare Iron came out with a stripped down version of Chrome which doesn't collect any data.

* unlike the current Chrome beta it uses the newest Webkit version of the current Chromium build

* it does not generate a unique ID of every client for use by Google

* no installation timestamp ill be generated for google

* no "suggest feature" that phones home to google (for help) what you type into the address bar

* will not phone home to google in case you mistyped a URL

* no phoning home for error reporting

* does not send RLZ tracking info to google, e.g. about when and where Chrome was downloaded

* NO frickin updater that installs itself as a startup app to run in the background

* does not load google homepage in background when the browser is loaded

But the question is does Iron actually do anything different from Chromium? Chromium is the open source project that is behind Google Chrome. Does Chromium do all this stuff for Google? Like sending your data to them, and so on?

I don't know. Does anybody know the answer to that question? Is it safe to use Chromium? Or do we have to go with Iron if we don't want Google tracking us?

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