1,758 Requests Per Second on Frog CMS

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Mika Tuupola uses Funky Cache with the Frog CMS (PHP 5 CMS) to get a whopping 1,758 requests/second!:

Since I have had good experiences with Mephisto which uses funky caching I decided to give it a try. This is where Frog first showed its power. Software was totally new to me. Still their plugin API was so clear to understand I was able to create first working version in one evening. Second evening was spent polishing the code.

So does it work? With Funky Caching enabled test server delivered 1750 requests per second.

Haven't heard of Frog? Here's what he says about it:

Frog CMS is PHP port of Rails based Radiant CMS. Radiant is great but there is always the hosting problem. Even with mod_rails existing it is still easier to get quality PHP hosting. Both Frog and Radiant are the only CMS’es I can say I like. Expression Engine I can live with. Edicy looks really promising. Everything else I rather not touch.

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