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Download Picasso for a better photo management experience. Picasso lets you manage, organize, edit and have fun with your digital photos on your PC computer (not Mac compatible).

Before you download Picasso, familiarize yourself with Picasso's features:

Organize Photos in Picasso

Make an album in Picasso

In Picasso, you can use the "Albums" collection to tag your digital photos into quick groups inside Picasso. Viewing and sharing the pictures you grouped under an album is easy – they make great slideshows and movies or you can email them to friends using Picasso or Gmail.

You can assign a star to any photo you love: it turns your favorites into visual standouts. Picasso even has a star search that reduces your entire photo collection to the best of the best in no time.

use Picasso to find the pictures you forgot about

Picasso organizes your entire photo collection, scanning the images on your computer and automatically sorting them by date.

Move and re-name pictures from inside Picasa.

Want to clean up messy folders and move pictures around on your computer’s hard drive? Drag and drop pictures from one folder in Picasso to another. Picasso will make the change permanent after double-checking. Want to change a picture’s filename? In Picasso, it only takes a second to re-name one picture or a group of pictures.

Put one picture in many different albums in Picasso

Picasso creates a new “instance” of each photo you label without taking up more space on your computer, so you can put the same picture into multiple albums.

Password-protect collections.

Have photos you want to keep to yourself? You can add passwords to any of your Picasso collections (this does not affect which pictures you and others can see on your computer's hard drive).

Edit your pictures in Picasso

Write captions for your photos in Picasso

Picasso makes captions the way journalists do – using the IPTC standard. That means your captions are saved within their pictures and stay with them, whether you export as a web page or make a CD presentation. Picasso captions are fully editable and searchable, and you choose whether to display them or not.

Get the angle you want in Picasso

So you did not get the shot? With Picasso, that is not the end of the story. Go in closer and move the focus slightly to the left. Your camera was slightly crooked? So what? Your picture is perfect anyway.

Basic fixes in Picasso.

Picasso's Basic Fixes are buttons that make it fast and easy to crop, remove red eye, fix the contrast and color, and enhance your digital pictures.

Amazing effects in Picasso

You can see how much Picasso's 12 visual effects can improve your photos – and in seconds, not hours. Go sepia. Warmify. Make pictures pop with color or try austere black-and-white. Try easy one-clicks or the more finely tuned sliders for better control where you want it. And of course, you can undo your changes at any step along the way.

EXIF data in Picasso

Photography aficionados can now fine-tune their photos with Picasso's EXIF display. This window shows you all the camera data that is stored in a picture's original file - such as camera model, date the photo was taken, even if a flash was used. The EXIF display also has a RGB histogram, a real-time graph that shows the intensity of colors in your picture and how they change when you make edits in Picasso.

Share photos with Picasso

Make beautiful slide shows in Picasso.

With Picasso, you can turn a group of photos into a presentation with one click of the "Slideshow" button.

Move photos to any device or folder using Picasso

You can take your photos with you no matter how you like to carry them. Picasso works with all the newest compact flash devices.

Send photos using email using Picasso

Take the guesswork out of sending photos. Picasso automatically resizes and attaches pictures to email messages at sizes your friends will be able to open. Works with most email programs, including Gmail.

Put pictures on your own site using Picasso

Picasso Web Albums is the fast and easy way to put your photos on the web. Just select the photos in Picasso that you want to share and click to publish. In seconds, those photos are on your own web page, ready to share with the people you know. Check out a few things you can do with Picasso Web Albums.

If you're looking to post multiple photos onto your blog, Picasso 's "BlogThis!" button does the hard work for you by automatically transferring selected photos directly to Blogger.

Print digital photos using Picasso

Print pictures at home with Picasso

Picasso automatically fits your pictures perfectly onto the expensive paper used by your home printer. It’s finally easy to print wallets, 4×6, 5×7, full pages, more sizes and even more than one picture on a page.

Export your digitla pictures to photo processing websites using Picasso

You can pick photos straight out of Picasso and upload them directly to your favorite photo finishers to order prints and other products.

Backing up your photo files with Picasso

Burn images to CD or DVD with Picasso

Picasso makes it easy to protect your pictures by archiving them on a CD or DVD. Picasso even displays the pictures that haven't been backed up yet to make absolutely sure you don't make mistakes with images that matter.
Give gift CDs with slide shows.

Make slide show CDs for friends and family.

Make a network backup of your pictures using Picasso

Save to a folder on your computer, plus any device that is an external drive or disk. Moving edited pictures out of Picasso has always been as easy as clicking the Export button. Now you can also control the quality and sizes of your exported pictures. Picasso even will save photos back to any drive, including the newest flash memory cards and sticks.

Create cool stuff with Picasso

Create a poster using Picasso

Picasso can tile any picture you select, allowing you to print each part and reassemble them at poster size – up to 1,000% larger than the original.

Make picture collages with Picasso

Select a group of pictures, choose one of the beautiful templates, and Picasso will create a collage that expands your creative horizons. Picture pile it. Make a multi-exposure image. Create a contact sheet. Done? Simply save your collage to a folder, as a new desktop background or as a screensaver.

Turn your photos into a movie with Picasso

It’s so easy to play filmmaker with your pictures. Select your best shots, then adjust the delay time, dimensions, and video compression settings. That’s it – Picasso, also known as Picasa, will render a movie, complete with title graphics, that you can play and share.

Make desktop pictures or screensavers with Picasso

Your best pictures are now on display. Pick a favorite photo as your desktop picture or add several into your screensaver rotation. What better way to enjoy your photographic genius at your desk?

View pictures on your TV using Picasso

Picasso’s automatic photo organizer exports your pictures to any TiVo® Series2™ DVR connected to a home network.

Download Picasso Now.

When are people going to get it? It's Picasa, not Picasso!

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