How to delete a comment in Blogger

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Blogger apparently is designed by a bunch of idiots (they're owned by Google--what do you expect?), who came up with the dumbest way of deleting comments. If you thought it might have been impossible to delete a comment on your Blogger blog, you're not the only one who be smacking his head against the wall.

"I can't delete a comment!!" Bang, bang bang.

Well, Blogger doesn't have a list of comments that you can delete from the administration area, where you would expect it. Instead you actually have to go to the post with the spam comment, and then open the link to POST A COMMENT. That's right, you have to open the link to POST a comment.

Now, even then, they make it as hard as they possibly can. Try seaching for 'delete' on that page and you won't find it. Why? Because they're using a camouflaged icon, a little gray trash can under the date of the comment. It's even got a mustache and dark glasses. OK, it doesn't, but still you would never notice it until somebody like me pointed it out to you.

What can I say? Your welcome.

And oh yeah, switch to WordPress as soon as you can.

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