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Why spend several hundred dollars for photo graphics software when you can use a top-notch free photo application such as the Picasso program? This photo editing and sharing program is a huge hit with everyone. It has a beautiful interface. Excellent for organizing or anything else--touching up, slide show, screen saver, and wallpaper. Picasso program download also gets kudos for making finding and editing pictures a breeze. The number and sophistication of the tools built into this program would be remarkable for even a for-pay application. Whether you're looking to add special effects, manipulate your images, organize them, or share them, this is the photo software you need.

Picasso program download is a powerful, easy to use attractive tools suite to manage and organize your digital images and photos. Picasso program download offers one simple place to organize, enjoy, and share your pictures. After installing, the Picasso software can automatically scan your drive(s) for images and intelligently sort them into photo albums, ready for you to customize and organize. It offers different interface layouts and ways to view your pictures, including slideshow and a unique timeline feature. Picasso program download supports import from twain devices, including digital cameras, photo emailing, printing and much more. A great, all-around imaging tool for all your photo editing needs.

You don't have to shell out for photo-editing software, or put up with the limited functions offered by the Paint program that comes with Microsoft Windows Vista. Picasso program download can transfer pictures from your digital camera, organise them on the hard disk and perform basic editing.

Picasso program download, also known as Picasa, will scan your hard drive(s), index all your images and group them into folders. Image support includes JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, PSD, TIF and RAW, and it will also catalogue your movies (AVI, MPG, WMV, ASF, MOV). Now that's powerful.

Picasso program download can display images in a folder as a slideshow, and images can be imported directly from your digital camera. Version 2 of Picasso adds the ability to caption images, and share them via email or P2P networks.

Other new features include options to print your photos via third-party companies (Ofoto, Walmart etc), and the ability to burn photos to CD and DVD.

Get your Picasso program download now.

LOL. Were you looking to download a photo editor program or software called Picasso? Well I think you were actually looking for something called Picasa and it's made by Google, the evildoer.

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