Make Firefox better than Google Chrome - more screen space!!

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I got some ideas from this post on LifeHacker. but didn't find it necessary to use everythng they did and went further to get more screen real estate.

What I like about Chrome is the fact that there's more space for you to see the web page. The excess "chrome" ironically has been removed. The Window's title bar is gone, the status bar is gone, and so that opens up a lot of space.

So all I wanted to do was get the same amount of real estate in Firefox, but I ended up with more!


First, under the Firefox View menu, uncheck Status Bar. That gives you a bunch of extra space at the bottom of the window. And now you're getting close to emulating Chrome.

Of course you wont' see the status of the page as it loads, but that's the price you pay. BUT you can install Firebug, in which case you would have much better status information accessible anytime by pressing F12.

Second you need to install

Personal Menu by Merci Chao (Version 4.1pre)

What that does is allows you to hide the menu bar, which is what Chrome does, that gives a bunch of space at the top of the page. After installing Personal Menu make sure you go back into View and unselect Toolbars > Menu Toolbar

Now that hides the Menu bar, which you can still get to by pressing ALT.

Now you're almost there.

Next, you go back into View > Toolbars and unselect Navigation Toolbar.

Now, lo and behold you have more space in Firefox than you have in Chrome!!!

Isn't that awesome? Do you really need the navigation bar? No, because if you want to type something there, you press the CTRL-L shortcut anyway, and that continues to work.

You can also install this:

That will allow you to toggle the navigation bar using the F2 keyboard shortcut. Very handy!!

That's the one feature I wish Chrome would have-the ability to toggle the navigation bar. If Chrome did that, the amount of screen real estate would expand tremendously.

ps, You can use this theme if you want your Firefox to look more like Chrome:

Chromifox by Falconer (Version 1.0)

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