Everything you know about CSS is wrong: Table layouts in CSS3

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Table Layouts in CSS3 is actually what the book shoudl have been called.

It's an interesting book, not really worth buying because it's very thin and very basic. There's ntohing here you can't pick up in 10 minutes of Googling, but it shows you what's possible using CSS table layouts withouf loating divs and so on, but using the new features of CSS which imitate tables.

The bad thing is that it's not supported in IE7 or IE6 so why bother?

And the fact that there are now CSS frameworks like Blueprint CSS that takes away most of the pain of layouts, it's hard to see why anybody would be looking at this at this point. Until IE6 and IE7 market share dips down into the single digits, this is just one of those things to be aware of but to ignore for now.

Maybe in three, four or five years it will be interesting.

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