Changing your main domain name on HostGator

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If you want to change your primary or main domain name on HostGator, you need to navigate to the Change Domain Form.

WARNING: Because of cPanel limitations, make sure you backup and remove any addon/parked/subdomains from the account before submitting this form, or else this domain change will fail.

how to change primary domain name on hostgator

I can't believe they charge you $5, when it's their fault that they didn't mention it in the beginning when you purchased their services. If you don't know have experience with HostGator or CPanel, then you're going to run into this problem if you host more than one site on your HostGator account.

HostGator uses CPanel which expects your main site files to be directly under the public_html/ directory. If you have more than one site, you can see how you're going to have a problem. Everbody not crazy wants to have separate folders for each site (the way it is in MediaTemple, and also, I think, Dreamhost).

But imagine how you're going to manage everything if you have separate folders in each site along with all the files that go with the main site, all under public_html

So it's nonsense, and I'm upset at HostGator for not mentioning anything about this when I signed up. And now as though it's not an inconvenience enough for me to "backup and remove any addon/parked/subdomains from the account" they also want me to pay $5, for a problem that they created.

I'm not happy about it. Are you? Please leave a comment!

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