Niceforms offers nice-looking forms

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Niceforms offers some helpers to make your form look nicer.

The idea is simple: since normal input fields (including radio buttons, checkboxes, textareas, etc) can only be styled to a small degree, they have to be hidden and their visual appearance replaced with similar working, new, fully customizable constructs. In theory, that doesn't sound really complicated. But from theory to practice there is a long way.
Starting with the basic XHTML code for a web form, Niceforms parses the DOM tree, gets all the input fields, hides them, and positions their new graphical appearance in place. All this is done while preserving the date transfer and selection features of the regular form. Everything is done via javascript.

Niceforms works just like your regular web form. The form fields and the buttons created are fully scalable. You can specify their width (and height for textareas) through regular HTML properties such as size, cols and rows. Buttons will automatically expand to accommodate the amount of text present. Keyboard-only navigation is also supported.

You can customize the look of your forms in any way you want by creating your own themes. Since Niceforms replaces the form elements with images, it’s just a matter of slicing these images up correctly and creating the CSS that holds them all together. More themes are on the way and you’re more than welcome to contribute as well. A short guide on how to properly create themes is in progress and should be available soon.

css forms by niceforms

Have you used Niceforms? Please leave a comment to tell us what you think about it.


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