Bootstrap 3 Released! & Yes, it's gone FLAT & Mobile First!

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Yay, famous well-loved and overused CSS framework known as Bootstrap has finally released it's 3.0 version! Visitors to the official website are now greeted with 3.0 documentation. Taking a cue from the competing Zurb Foundation framework, it has gone mobile-first but still relies on the not-so-mobile-friendly JQuery Javascript framework. Foundation, by comparison uses the more compact Zepto framework.

The default styling of controls such as buttons has gone flat. Flat design now appears to be an unstoppable trend.

The release of a mobile-first, responsive Bootstrap 3 does complicate the decision now on which framework to use. Foundation may still be the better choice because of two reasons: 1) it uses the more compact "aerogel-weight" Zepto Javascript framework 2) it uses the more popular SASS / Compass CSS "extras." Bootstrap uses LESS which has fallen out of favor across the internets.

PS: If JQuery has already been loaded onto the device (these days quite likely with the usage of CDN-hosted files), then Zepto may not offer that much of an advantage.

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