AOL buys Huffington Post for $315M !! yikes that's a lot of clams

/*--- holy mAcar00ns!! --- */

Via chron:

The Huffington Post ranks as one of the top 10 current events and global news sites and draws 25 million U.S. visitors each month. It has built its popularity by compiling news from a wide selection of other media outlets, with links to articles and video on everything from politics to style to food. The site combines that type of aggregation with original work by its own small staff and blog posts from celebrity contributors who work for free in return for a platform to express their opinions. Bill Gates has written for Huffington Post, along with President Barack Obama, Robert Redford and several university presidents.

The crazy thing is that if Huffpo is worth $315M what is Drudge Report worth? Drudge doesn't seem to have any desire to become a centimillionaire apparently. He's happy with the circa $15M he pulls in a year without any work. But if he just put in a little more effort to build a site around his circa 1997 webpage, he could have a few hundred million in the bank. How's that for Making Money Online?!!

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