Send screenshots and captures direcltly to Flickr from Snagit

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In order to send screen captures directly from snagit to Flickr, you need to install the Snagit Flickr profiles.

Snagit Profile for Flickr: "How the Snagit to Flickr Profiles Work

The Snagit to Flickr profiles are contained in a single, free download for current Snagit users.

Once the profiles are installed, choose a Snagit to Flickr profile to take a capture, and then click the Done button in the Preview Window. Snagit uploads the capture to Flickr, and also pastes the link (URL) for the image to your Clipboard. From there, you can paste the image link into an e-mail message or an IM conversation.

If you want to share the image on a Web page, rather than by e-mail or IM, you also have the option to copy the image’s HTML to your Clipboard, so you can insert it into the source code for your Web page."

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