Mosso - web hosting in the cloud

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Never heard of this web hosting service before, but sounds interesting. Sort of like Amazon web services. Not sure how they differ on pricing. Will have to look into it later. Have heard some good things about Mosso.

Cloud Solutions, Cloud Service, Clustered Servers @ Mosso: "Backed By Rackspace
What we wanted to do was pretty complex, so luckily, we had the support of Rackspace, an industry leader that currently manages over 30,000 servers for customers all over the world. (Well, it wasn't all luck, really. We both worked at Rackspace as our day jobs, so we knew those folks well.)

We took the Mosso vision to Rackspace's leadership team, who agreed to fund development of the new venture, and lend Rackspace's expertise towards engineering and perfecting the platform.

Because Mosso | The Rackspace Cloud needed to cluster servers in a very unique way, the partnership with Rackspace proved invaluable. They have a large amount of expertise with advanced Windows and Linux configurations, and their Zero-Downtime Network has lived up to its name for over four years."

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