Django - versioning apps in your project

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Interesting tidbit here on how to keep versions of apps used in your Django project.

Django, Pluggable Apps, and Code Re-Use - O'Reilly ONLamp Blog: "My thoughts on code reuse were to create a repository of apps that you can just plug in. For example, for stuff that I work on, I'll probably create a 'jeremymjones.apps' package and have something like jeremymjones/apps/gallery/work/ and jeremymjones/apps/gallery/release/ directories in an SVN repository. I'd then probably create a Makefile (or something comparable - looking at scons right now) for the project and tell it which revisions of which apps it should include. And when you build a release for a project, it'll pull down the versions of the apps you want. Anyway, I know that's clear as mud. We use something like that here at work. Maybe if I hammer out the process (especially using scons), I can blog about it or write an article or something."

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