Breadcrumbs in Django apps

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: "The breadcrumbs for your own apps should not involve pulling anything
from the admin. �Just put the top two breadcrumbs (/ and /mysite) in
your site-wide base.html, then pull that into your app templates using
{{ block.super }} and append the app-specific breadcrumbs.

That sounds ike a good idea.

This one looks way more complicated than it needs to be.

Here's an option for flatpages:

Custom template filter to generate a breadcrumb trail for a flatpage. Say you have a series of flatpages with URLs like /trunk/branch/leaf/ etc. This filter looks at the URL of a given flatpage, figures out which of the leftwards text chunks correspond to other flatpages, and generates a string of anchored HTML.


{% load make_breadcrumb_trail %}

{{ flatpage.url|crumbs:flatpage.title }}

This one also seems a bit complicated.

This is a fairly simple way to do it.

And this is the simplest way to do it I think:

{% block breadcrumb %}{{ block.super }} » {{ object.title|title }}{% endblock %}

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