Schedule posts in Blogger and Wordpress

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You can post to a future date now using Blogger. You have to use though. It's not yet available through the regular Blogger interface.

Here's how you do it:

When you're writing a blog post, select 'Post Options' at the bottom of the blog post. That will expand and give you the option of adding a published date. Put the date sometime in the future, and when you click 'Publish Post,' it will hold that post until the future date and publish it at that time.

Read all about it.

Of course, Wordpress has supported this for some time.

If you want to schedule a future blog posting date in Wordpress, follow these steps for each post:

In the right sidebar of the regular page for writing blog posts, in the 'Post Status' box, set it to 'published.'

Then, in the 'Post Timestamp' box, select 'Edit timestamp.'

Change the date to whatever you want.

Click the Publish button, as you normally would, and you're done!

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