Moving a Wordpress installation

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Here's a simple guide/checklist that can save you some headaches when you're moving your Wordpress (2.3.1) installation from one server/domain (including localhost) to another.

First, change your database settings, if necessary, in wp-config.php.

Second, edit the .htaccess file in the Wordpress directory, if necessary.

Third, the base URL for the blog is set in the options table of the Wordpress database. To change it, use sql commands:

UPDATE wp_options SET option_value="" WHERE option_id=1;
UPDATE wp_options SET option_value="" WHERE option_id=40;

If the blog home page turns up blank and all the blog pages blank, then make sure the theme is set correctly in the database:
- 49, 50 in wp_options

If you're using "pretty" permalinks, make sure that mod_rewrite is enabled on your server.


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